Saturday, February 18, 2012

My Flail Blog - The Beginning

I was going to say this blog was inspired yesterday, and it was. After all, I posted something on Twitter about how my writing process involved much flailing and how I'd like to cut out 50% of it. (No, I can't cut it all out. What would my process be, flail-free?!) My Twitter Friend quickly threatened to copyright FLAILBlog if I didn't start it.

And yet, it also was inspired about a month ago, when some people agreed that I should write a blog about all the things that go hilariously wrong in my life, and I said yes, I had one, only I'd lost the password to to it as well as to the email address associated with it. One girl said, "OMG. THAT IS YOUR FIRST POST!!!". As you might imagine from the exclamation marks and capital letters, she said it excitedly, and the notion of starting yet another blog stuck with me.

And then yesterday (same yesterday, different story), I tweeted that I'd like to tell the story of how I got home that involved bus!puke, hot sauce, and some weird stuff, and once again someone suggested I blog it. And since I couldn't exactly log on my old blog... well, you know the rest. Except for the story about getting home. Just know that buses go out of service if people puke before they exit, but more importantly gigantic hot sauce bottles can be stolen (hot hot sauce) and wielded as weapons against innocent fire hydrants and sometimes drunk guys (not so much the bus!puke-y ones) can be hilarious.

So, however you look at it, this flail blog began with flailing. And will be about flailing. (You'd think this would be obvious, but when I searched for similar blogs, I also found flail blogs about Jesse Eisenberg, celebrating various holidays, and Hitler gifs posted by a guy who doesn't like Hitler.)

Anyway, apparently I have a new blog. I'll try not to lose the password or connect it to an email account I don't use.

Actually... I just realized it hasn't asked me for a password or email account yet...